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Music Moves is a once weekly, twelve week music based course aimed at 11-17 year olds.  The course creatively uses the medium of music to bring youngsters into a new way of positively communicating with others.  Music transcends language, and taught and coached in a particular way we have seen youngsters lives transformed from introverted, unsociable, anxious people into confident and positive individuals who have made new friends in the real world, well away from the social media sterile environment in which many of them live their lives.  The benefits are tangible; better relationships, school attendance, curbed offending behaviour and the overcoming of anxieties.

Twelve Course Sessions
First Eight Sessions 
Learning To Play
Final Four Sessions  In The Music Moves Studio

Recognition Of Your Achievement With Your Own CD

And Music Moves Certificate

Based in the Black Country and using space provided by a local church, the Music Moves Project is headed up by Dan Healey.  Dan is a professional musician, engineer, producer, music director, and college lecturer.  He has a great deal of experience of working with young people in music, both teaching and arranging.  He is a multi instrumentalist and can both play and teach to a very high standard.  Alongside Dan is a small team of volunteers, experienced in working with young people and in the medium of music.  All of our mentors and volunteers are fully DBS checked in accordance with good and safe practice.

It is important to understand that the programme is not simply to teach or interest young people in music; it is primarily about getting them to communicate in new and creative ways.  We seek to grow their confidence and encourage their ability to engage with new friends of a similar age, in doing so, tackle these important issues that affect the mental and emotional well being of vulnerable young people.

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